Police Officer’s Wife Protects Her Daughter From Home Intruder

by Emerald Pellot
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When Allie, the wife of a James City County police officer in Virginia, was home alone with her daughter, she was lucky her husband prepared her for what happened that night.

At around 10:30 p.m. on March 11, 2015, an hour after her husband left for work, Allie heard a loud banging on the door. “Someone started banging on the door and messing with the doorknob,” said Allie. “He was screaming like, ‘Let me in, baby, we are okay let me in, they are out to kill me.’ I looked through the peephole and I didn’t recognize who it was, so I latched the top lock, ran to the back, called 911, and got my gun.”

Like Rebecca Larson who stood up to her burglar, Allie had grabbed the gun out of instinct.

It was the protocol she and her husband had talked about for years. “We’ve talked about what we would do. Protect her, protect the house. That’s what I did,”she said.

Her gut was right, while she was getting the gun, she heard a crash. The man forced his way into her home and broke through the window in her little girl’s playroom.

“All I knew is I wanted to stop him from hurting me or hurting my daughter.” Allie believes the intruder’s behavior was erratic and hostile. Feeling as though she didn’t have any other options, she shot the man.

“It was either him or me,” she said, a mama bear protecting her cub. The burglar has since been hospitalized and charged, Allie is just glad her daughter is fine.

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