Allergy Season Is On The Way. But When This Girl Sneezes, Her Service Dog Grabs The Kleenex

paul Paul Morris
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Everyone is well aware of just how intelligent service dogs can be, but just when you thought dogs couldn’t possibly get any smarter, a video like this will come out and totally make you appreciate these beautiful animals even more!

Canine Companions for Independence has an amazingly dedicated group of volunteer puppy raisers who help train animals to help people with disabilities. It takes a lot of hard work, and a lot of training, but eventually they somehow managed to train their dogs to help make the lives easier for a variety of people with special needs!

The video below shows just how attentive and smart these dogs are, the young woman in the wheelchair sneezes, and this beautiful dog has been trained to recognize that sneeze as a “call” of sorts which means he should find the nearest box of Kleenex!

It’s hard to believe that these dogs are even real, simply because they’re so smart but also so much fun to be around! These special companions all have unique personalities, but at the same time their first order of business is to make sure their human has all the help they can get to live safely, comfortably, and totally independent!

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