Twin Brothers Have Completely Opposite Reactions When Dad Takes Them For Their First Haircut

by Allyson Souza
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A child’s first haircut is always a big moment. And sometimes it can be a traumatic one as well.

Kids tend to hate their first trip to the salon, and it can be a tear-filled event for everyone involved.

Mom and Dad are feeling nostalgic as their little one hits yet another milestone and the kid is usually genuinely upset that this is happening to them.

Why is someone coming at them with scissors? Why is all their beautiful, soft baby hair falling to the ground? It does seem sad when you actually think about it.

But it’s a necessary evil as that baby hair grows longer, blocking eyes and taking on that mullet-like growth pattern that all babies seem to hit at one point or another.

A good haircut is one of the first steps toward childhood and it can even leave your little one looking much older than when he walked into the salon.

Just take a look at Allen and Brandon, Tim and Karen Alexander‘s twin sons. Their first trip to the stylist was slightly traumatic for Allen, but he and his brother walked out looking like tiny gentlemen, rather than the toddlers they’d walked in as.

Although Allen did hold on to some of his old hair, it was a great trip for both sweet boys!

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