Pregnant Wife’s Gender Announcement Takes Family By Surprise When ‘Alien’ Rips Through Belly

by Amy Paige
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When his wife got pregnant, Aaron Rodriguez of Houston, Texas, knew exactly how he wanted to announce the baby’s gender to the world.

Now he just needed his wife’s approval.

Aaron is a big fan of the classic sci-fi movie Alien from 1979. He and his wife, Melissa, are both videographers who love all things creative and artistic.

Aaron dreamed of directing an Alien-themed gender reveal that would both frighten and delight his family, especially since it was close to Halloween.

Melissa was interested in the unconventional idea, but she worried the end result would be a little too gruesome.

After throwing their ideas around, she was finally convinced … and a short film entitled Revealien was born.

The couple premiered their wacky gender reveal video, which cost them between $2,000 and $3,000, at a big family party. No one knew what to expect — especially their conservative grandmother.

Before learning the baby’s gender, Aaron filmed two versions of the movie just to be safe. One had a blue reveal and the other had pink.

In the clip below, see what color ultimately ripped right through Melissa’s growing belly.

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