Old Navy Employee Realizes Prom Starts Right After Shift, So She Wears Fancy Gown To Work

by Mauricio Castillo
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When Old Navy employee Alicia Davis, 20, realized that her boyfriend’s prom was right after her shift, she decided to do something drastic so she wouldn’t be late or miss a moment of the big night.

Everyone knows how much thought and work goes into getting ready for prom, so Alicia figured that she’d go to work already dressed to prevent arriving late to the party.

She got ready, put on her lovely gown, and went to work!

Yep, Alicia worked her entire shift in her prom dress!

Her Old Navy coworkers, who thought her approach was hilarious, snapped pictures of her working, which she then posted to her Twitter with a caption: “When prom is at 8 but you have to work until 7:30.”

Talk about thinking ahead!

With her hair styled and everything in place, she stood behind the register, folding clothes and posing next to a mannequin. Her boyfriend, Chris, who had arrived to meet her before the prom, also joined for a few shots.

Prom is usually a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and most want to enjoy every moment of it, so Alicia’s dedication and creative thinking is definitely cool!

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