Terminally Ill Wife Renews Her Vows, Has No Clue She’s About To Get Second Chance To Go To Prom

by Jess Butler
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Libby Gaymon endured 33 rounds of radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery to treat her stage 3 breast cancer. Then pounding headaches sent her back to the hospital for testing.

“I was officially diagnosed with stage 4,” Libby explains in the video below, posted on May 17, 2017. “Terminally ill. It has metastasized to my skull, my spine, my spleen, my liver, my lungs, my hips, my pelvis, and my femur.”

Despite her shocking diagnosis, Libby refused to give up her freedom and will to live. She went to the Dominican Republic with her husband, where she surprised him with a vow renewal.

She says, “I wanted to marry him this time, instead of him marrying me.”

Little did she know, her daughter Alexis was planning a surprise for her as well while she was away.

“I know that my mom didn’t go to prom, so if anything was to happen to my mom, I want her to live her life to the fullest,” Alexis gushes.

She got permission from McKinley High School to take her mom to prom as her date and surprised her with an adorable promposal at the hospital.

When Libby looks back at her daughter’s decision, she is filled with pride. “I did something right,” she says. “That’s how it makes me feel. I did something right.”

Check out Alexis’ promposal to her mom in the video below and please SHARE if you think spending prom night with her daughter is just what Libby needs right now!

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