7-Year-Old Leaps Over Flames To Save Her Family From Fire After Detecting Strange Smell In House

by Jess Butler
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In the early afternoon, a young girl named Alexandria Cox noticed a strange odor in her home. It ended up saving her life — and the lives of her entire family.

According to KSWB San Diego, “Thick smoke and flames quickly grabbed neighbors’ attention.” Those neighbors couldn’t get to the family that lived in the home, but little did they know, a 7-year-old hero was handling the situation from the inside.

Alexandria first noticed the house fire spreading near the ground and knew she had to take matters into her own hands before it was too late.

In the video below, a family friend named Kristian Giordano explains, “Most little girls, at 7 years old, would kind of back up and get scared,” adding, “She went back and jumped the fire, and then yelled for her grandma, picked up the phone, called 911. And then her grandma came and grabbed the phone. Then, she went and woke up her dad, and then they got out of there screaming for Steve, and Steve barely made it out, honestly.”

Luckily, the family made it out of the raging house fire alive. Firefighters put out the flames around 2:30 p.m., about half an hour after responding to the phone call.

Although Alex lost her pet rabbit in the fire, she and her family still have each other.

Below, Kristian assures everyone, “They’re all going to recover. They’re fine. Alex is strong, she’s already off oxygen.”

To donate to Alex’s family and help them recover after the house fire, please visit their GoFundMe page.

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Footage and photos provided courtesy of KSWB San Diego 

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