Music Teacher Finds Old Letter Stuffed Inside A Book And Sees It’s Signed By Alexander Hamilton

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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In 1782, founding father Alexander Hamilton was a colonel in the military near the end of the Revolutionary War. That year, Hamilton wrote a pretty mundane letter asking for a receipt. Two centuries later, his note is a piece of history.

Although its contents are actually pretty boring, the fact that this letter exists at all is something special. Up until recently, historians had no record of it ever having existed — but there’s no question about its authenticity, according to CBS Sacramento.

So how did a letter from one of America’s most important figures go undiscovered for so long? It was well hidden.

Jay Feagles’ grandma found the letter while working as a music teacher in Connecticut. He says she was in the attic of the old schoolhouse, leafing through a book, when she found the letter stuck in between the pages. Dated 1782, the letter had been sitting, presumably untouched, for centuries.

The special letter has been in Jay’s family for two generations, but he’s decided that now is as good a time as ever to sell it at auction, especially with Hamilton fever raging across the country due to the award-winning play.

Right now, the letter is priced at $500 — but Brian Witherell, who works for Witherell’s Auction House, is confident it will sell for much more.

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Photos: Instagram / what_was_once_before; Wikimedia Commons / Washington University Law School

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