Angry Mother ‘Destroys’ 13-Year-Old’s Life But He Gets Revenge By Calling Her Out In Movie

by Emerald Pellot
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Alec Ybarra says he was bullied for an entire year. The 13-year-old adds that it all began when a friend’s mother began turning others against him. The bullying became so bad, he had to change schools.

The school-switch proved to be for the best. Alec decided to turn his experience into a movie, which he wrote in two days. He even directed, starred in, and edited it himself. The movie, titled “Unmarked,” is now getting some attention from film festivals and awards programs.

Alec explains that, though it’s fictional, it’s based on everything that happened to him.

“That’s what happened in real life,” he says. “All those events took place over the course of a year. It’s about a friend’s angry mother who tries to destroy the student that knows information about her son that could get her son in trouble.”

The film has helped Alec cope with what happened to him, and, I’m guessing, it’s going to help other students cope with bullying as well.

“Now looking back at it, I’ve been working on the film itself for a year and a half. It’s helped a lot. I went through a whole year of this situation. It tore me down a lot. Then, I was able to make a film about it — that can hopefully help a lot of people going through similar things.”

Alec’s father, Fred Ybarra, found the film to be a moving experience, explaining, “It’s tough, because you don’t want your son beat up or bullied, especially as time went on, and we found out a parent was involved.”

Alec’s parents thought he would eventually grow bored of making an entire film, but he stuck with it and is passionate about the project.

“The message of the film I am trying to portray is standing up for yourself,” he said. “That is one of the things I had to do a lot in real life, especially since that person had gotten everyone to turn against me. That’s what I want to portray through the script and the film and acting: you need to stand up for yourself in these situations.”

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