Atomic Trailer Stuns After Two Years In The Making

by Jessica Rothhaar
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Bill Guernsey is an eccentric, creative man from the beautiful state of Alaska, who miraculously survived a plane accident that left him with a broken back and seven fractured ribs.

But instead of using his recovery time to relax, he embarked on an epic DIY project.

Guernsey, an avid traveler, decided he would create one of the most unique campers anyone has ever seen.

The assembly process of this trailer took a little over two years, and the attention to detail was incredible. The atomic-age-inspired camper is fully functional and extremely eye-catching.

For many travelers, the vessel they travel in is just as important as the destination.

This unique design was truly one-of-a-kind, much like this restored sheep wagon inspired by the 1920s.

The time and effort Guernsey put into his creation paid off — the Travel Channel even featured him on their show Extreme RVs!

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Bill Guernsey, an avid traveler from Alaska, was set on creating a one-of-a-kind camper. His design was truly out of this world.

Guernsey had a lot of time on his hands as he was recovering from a plane accident. The lengthy recovery time gave him the opportunity to create his amazing design.

As the camper took shape, it looked like it might be a submarine or a spaceship.

Guernsey worked tirelessly at creating this unique rocket-shaped trailer. His design was unique due to the great attention he gave to the details.

The theme of the trailer was a nod to his childhood, a post-WWII America, when everyone was concerned about impending nuclear doom.

As the design of the trailer took shape on the outside, functionality had to be considered on the inside. The walls were insulated and electric capabilities were installed.

The project really began to come together as porthole windows were added.

The 16-foot, handmade trailer required lots of time and consideration. Every inch of the space needed to be utilized.

Both the outside and the inside of the trailer appeared to be atomic-age-inspired, with the inside covered in old magazine clippings and Erector Set door panels.

The adorable kitchen was fully functional and extremely handy when traveling through the mountains of Alaska.

Guernsey now uses the camper to travel with his wife, Becky, all over their home state. This handmade creation allows them to stay in the most beautiful places with the most incredible natural backdrops.

After finishing things off with a beautiful coat of red paint, this rocket-shaped camper has, unsurprisingly, caught people’s attention. Guernsey has been invited to show off his trailer at museums, and has been written about in the We Alaskans publication.

The most exciting publicity Guernsey has received to date was from his opportunity to show off his creation on the show Extreme RVs on the Travel Channel.

Guernsey’s atomic camper is sure to turn heads wherever he goes. The two years of hard work he put into his creation turned out to be well worth the effort.

You can see more pictures of the construction process and follow Guernsey on his adventures through Alaska on his Facebook page.

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