Dad Records Airport Employee Having A Dance-Off With His 2 Little Girls As They Wait For Flight

by Caralynn Lippo
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Joe Vaughn was waiting for his flight when he captured an incredibly special moment on video.

The Moore, Oklahoma man, his wife, and their two daughters were returning home after a weeklong trip to Disney World.

The family of four was waiting for their flight back to Oklahoma City in the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport when he spotted his daughters passing the time by dancing. But they weren’t dancing alone.

The two girls, wearing Disney World shirts, were looking down at an airport employee on the tarmac. As they danced wildly in front of the window, the ground crew member was mimicking their moves!

The toddlers were clearly overjoyed and amused by this bit of fun.

Soon enough, the anonymous airport employee started leading the dancing, at one point making an airplane move that the little girls soon copied. The trio also did the Chicken Dance together.

Joe captured the video on Facebook Live to share it with his friends and family. From there, the sweet moment went viral.

People just couldn’t get enough of the sweet moment. “That is too cute!” one commenter wrote. “Omg greatest airport worker EVER!!!” another said.

Joe told CBS News that his daughters, Tinlee and Brynlee, were being “silly like they always do” when the airport employee spotted them from the ground below and joined in.

The unnamed worker definitely made this family’s day, during what I’m sure was a tiring few hours of travel. But I’m sure the employee had just as much fun on his impromptu “dance break”!

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[H/T: Daily Mail]

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