This Hawaiian Lava Rock House Is The Perfect Island Getaway

by Angel Chang
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I can be a bit of a workaholic sometimes. I don’t think I have taken a real vacation in more than five years — and that’s why I am definitely going to try to this year!

Nowadays, when people go on vacation, they rarely stay in hotels anymore. With the rising popularity of home hosting sites and cheap vacation rentals, listings like those found on Airbnb have become extremely popular.

Below, we share the listing of an amazing tiny home in Hawaii. It’s dubbed the “Lava Rock Hale,” and is located between three ancient volcanoes, home to the most incredible fresh spring water.

Just like this breathtakingly rustic home in a tree, the lava rock home is simply the most delightful little getaway.

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Scroll further to see the inside of this incredible “lava rock home,” and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Hawaii lava rock house

Eric and Diane regularly host guests in their beautiful “lava rock” home in Pahoa, HI.

Named the “Adventurous Lava Rock Hale,” the robust cottage is located on three beautiful acres of land.

Hawaii lava rock house

The home is an ideal stay for those who want to be close to nature and adventure.

It is located about 10 minutes away from the geothermal hot springs, and five minutes away from the Vacationland tide pools, which is fantastic for snorkeling.

Hawaii lava rock house

The interior of the home is simple and earthy.

It can accommodate up to two guests, and comes with a large queen-size bed, a living area, a kitchen, television set, and bathroom.

Hawaii lava rock house

According to the Airbnb listing, the “Hale” is located between three volcanic craters, which hold what is known as “Wai o Pele,” a pool of ancient freshwater.

The home is about eight miles away from the hub and center of East Hawaii, which is culturally very rich and vibrant, and attracts many writers, artists, and adventure seekers.

Hawaii lava rock house

The home runs on solar electricity, which powers everything from the lights and refrigerator to the ceiling fan and burner stoves.

Hawaii lava rock house

The TV is equipped with a DVD player, and comes with a great collection of movies to choose from.

Hawaii lava rock house

“The lava rock hale is situated in a gorgeous, natural setting. The cottage is very comfortable with a small kitchen that includes everything you need,” wrote Elizabeth, one of the previous guests.

“The outdoor shower is pretty luxurious, and the outdoor bathroom is certainly not an ‘outhouse,’ it is just its own little free-standing room.”

Hawaii lava rock house

The outdoor shower space is definitely something special.

It is heated by solar power, and, like the rest of the home, is structured with stone and wood.

Hawaii lava rock house

“Eric and Dianne welcomed us with open arms,” said Jade another impressed reviewer.

“It’s a great location for heading out to [the] tide pools for snorkeling and close enough for a day trip to the volcano.

“The Lava Rock Hale was equipped with all the essentials and more. Dianne’s artwork really beautifies the yurt walls!”

Hawaii lava rock house

There is a covered pavilion outside that is perfect for outdoor dinners and barbecues.

The owners have also planted a cute little herb garden outside that guests can use for cooking!

Hawaii lava rock house

It certainly looks like an amazing place to stay at for a couple of days. Let us know if you agree!

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