This Man Forgot An Air Pump. How He Blows Up His Air Mattress? Not How You Think!

by John

If you’ve ever spent a night in a tent (or a family member’s living room) on a half-inflated air mattress, you know the beauty of having a good pump.

But what happens when you forget your pump? What if the one you have isn’t working? This one simple life hack can turn a backache waiting to happen into a night of peaceful Zzzzzzs!

I love having out-of-town visitors over to my house. I usually put two people in my bed, I take the couch, and then I always keep an air mattress around for extra visitors. I’ve thrown away a perfectly good air mattress before just because I couldn’t get the pump to work.

I really wish I had know about this incredibly “life hack” before I did that.

When the video started I thought there was no way it was possible, but it’s really such a simple idea. And aren’t those the ones that usually work the best? Next time I go camping I’m going to save the space in my bag and just bring along a garbage bag instead!

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