Flesh-Eating Bacteria Amputee Shares Inspiring Bikini Photo

by Barbara Diamond
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In May 2012, Aimee Copeland was a 24-year-old masters student at The University of Georgia. One day on a lark, she and her friends headed off to a local river for some fun in the sun.

They discovered a makeshift zip-line and decided to try it out. Little did Aimee know that one small decision would change her life forever.

As Aimee zip-lined above the water, the wire suddenly broke. She fell downward onto the rocks and suffered a huge gash in her leg. Doctors put 22 staples in her calf, but a few days later Aimee began to feel strange. Back at the hospital, she learned she contracted a flesh-eating bacteria — and five of her organs were failing.

In order to save her life, doctors had to amputate all four of her limbs. Both arms were amputated below the elbow, her right leg below the knee, and her left leg to her hip.

Fast forward four years. Aimee is now 28, and she recently shared a photo of herself that’s going viral — all thanks to her incredible message of self-esteem, and a bright pink bikini…

In 2012, Aimee Copeland contracted a flesh-eating bacteria after cutting her leg in a zip-lining accident in Georgia.

In order to save her life, all four of her limbs were amputated. She was 24 years old.

Over the years, Aimee learned to adjust to life as an amputee. She completed rehab and was fitted with state-of-the-art prosthetic hands that enabled her to live a normal life and perform everyday activities on her own, like cooking and cleaning.

Aimee also become an advocate for the disabled and completed her master’s degree in social work.

Aimee realized her boyfriend of three years was no longer attracted to her. She ended their relationship in 2014 when she says it became “really unhealthy for me and really bad for my self-esteem.”

Recently, Aimee fell in love with a man who accepts her and says her body is perfect (pictured above).

During a recent vacation in Puerto Rico, Aimee decided to pose for a beautiful photo.

She removed her prosthetic hands, proudly raised her arms, and revealed herself to the world— scars, amputated limbs and all.

“It has taken me a long time to become comfortable with and accept my new body,” she writes in the now viral Facebook post.

“We are ALL made with imperfections and there is so much beauty in our flaws. The scars and skin grafting build character! It’s not about what you have — what you do with what you have is what really counts.”

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