89-Year-Old Nominee Sends Cardboard Cutout Of Herself To Oscars Lunch And Upstages Everyone

by Morgan Greenwald
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Most people would be elated to be nominated for an Academy Award, but that apparently isn’t the case for 89-year-old filmmaker Agnès Varda.

“There is nothing to be proud of, but happy,” Agnès, the oldest Oscar nominee in history told The AP about her two Oscar nominations. “Happy because we make films to love. I love my own work and I’ve done it for so many years, so I didn’t do it for honor or money. My films never made money.”

This year, Agnès is nominated for Best Documentary Feature for her film Faces Places and received the honorary Governors Award alongside filmmaker Charles Burnett and actor Donald Sutherland.

Every year, all of the Oscar nominees are invited to attend a luncheon, but Agnès was just as apathetic about the lunch and decided to send someone in her place—or at least, a two-dimensional version of herself.

Instead of attending the event, Agnès sent her co-director, who goes by the name JR, accompanied by three life-sized cardboard cutouts of herself. The cardboard version of Agnès can be seen in the official Oscars “class photo.” Even actress Meryl Streep got a kick out of the cardboard cut-out!

At 89 years old, we can’t blame Agnès for deciding not to attend the luncheon, but kudos to her for stealing the spotlight without ever even showing up!

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