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Our audience is 73% women, offering unparalleled reach against all female targets.

Source: comScore
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Our 40+ person content team produces over 1,600 pieces of content each month.

Each piece of content is run through our proprietary testing algorithm, comprised of over 30,000 data points.


Only two thirds of the content created passes testing and is published to our social platforms.

Newswhip repeatedly recognizes LittleThings as the publisher with the highest engagement per article.


Sponsored content benefits from this testing methodology, achieving high levels of engagement when it is published to our distributed platforms.

Highest Engagement Per Article- Newswhip 275 Million Monthly Video Views Largest Mobile Site- Quantcast

“Facebook users are more likely to share the kind of ‘inspirational content’ produced by LittleThings.”

“Social video giant.”

"LittleThings is proof that taking pains to tailor content can lead to rapid audience growth."

We are experts at creating content our readers will share.

The LittleThings Branded Content Studio collaborates with our brand partners to create original content that wIll drive social engagement.

    Through the development of an original branded video and a distributed content article, amplify TD Bank’s “Thank Account” campaign reflecting the bank’s initiative to thank both current customers and those who are doing good in the world. Strengthen TD’s position as a bank that cares. Original branded video The Dignity Project recognized as runner up at the 2016 Knotch Supernormal Awards.

    Total Video Views: 2.7MM Total Reactions, Shares & Comments: 91,022 View More >

    Drive awareness of the many ways Ford works to inspire, enable, and champion STEAM education. Contextualize and amplify a series of branded videos to highlight Ford’s efforts.

    Total Page Views: 357,393 Video Views: 991,996 Total Reactions, Shares & Comments: 357,393

    Through original branded content, introduce Dole® Mixations™ to a new generation of moms by positioning the product as part of a healthy, convenient, and fun snack time regimen.

    Total Video Views: 386,778 Total Reactions, Shares & Comments: 7,273

    Through an extended series of custom DIY articles and videos, drive consumers from Facebook and LittleThings directly to eBay where they can enjoy each story and proceed to purchase the items necessary to complete each project.

    Total Page Views: 6.65MM and counting! Total Video Views: 1.8MM Total Reactions, Shares & Comments: 441,315 View More >

    Using high-impact desktop and mobile creative, appeal to the LittleThings audience of modern moms with the Applegate message of wholesome, organic cold cuts. Focus on driving CTR, moving readers directly to for more information and branded content.


    Build Casper brand awareness through two original illustrated articles that provide LittleThings readers with sleep and health information. Organically integrate Casper brand benefits and drive users to Casper’s website.

    Total Page Views: 291,730 Total Reactions, Shares & Comments: 3,059 View More >

    Reinforce and reflect Thrivent Racing’s focus on inspiration by aligning the Thrivent brand with two original branded videos focused on helping families make the most of the time they spend together on the annual family summer road trip.

    Total Video Views: 1.8MM Total Reactions, Shares & Comments: 53,739 View More >

    Over the course of an extended series of branded articles and videos, generate brand awareness for AvoDerm among LittleThings readers by connecting the brand to the pet DIY projects and inspiring storytelling our readers love.

    Total Page Views: 786,631 Total Video Views: 2.9MM Total Reactions, Shares & Comments: 184,996 View More >

    Amplify Soma’s Bra Donation Campaign through the development of both original content and distributed content. Provide the LittleThings woman with bra fit advice and drive readers to take action to donate their bras to victims of domestic violence.

    Total Page Views: 628,420 Total Likes, Shares & Comments: 6,397 View More >
  • CASE STUDY #10

    Drive views of Etsy’s holiday campaign video, Difference Makes Us, by aligning it with a custom gallery article that reflected the campaign theme and featured products from Etsy sellers.

    Total Page Views: 36,940 Video Views: 633,774 Total Likes, Shares & Comments: 373,521 View More >
  • CASE STUDY #11

    Align Purina with the uplifting, inspiring, and exclusive story of Jasper, a retiring airport security dog. Authentically integrate Purina Dog Chow products into the documentary-style video.

    Video Views: 1.3 MM Total Likes, Shares & Comments: 125,245 View More >
  • CASE STUDY #12

    Create a compelling DIY tutorial utilizing holiday photos printed with the Kodak Moments app. Position Kodak Moments as a holiday card and photo gift resource through the use of high-impact and custom native ad units.

    Total Page Views: 60,083 Video Views: 342,061 Total Likes, Shares & Comments: 3,015 View More >
  • CASE STUDY #13

    Celebrate and share one couple’s ‘Dunkin’ Love’ story with a long-form custom branded video. Amplify branded content reach and drive purchase of Dunkin’s beverages and heart-shaped donuts with a one-day sponsorship of LittleThings’ live daily morning show, Refresh.

    Custom Video Views: 1.1MM Total Reactions. Shares, & Comments: 24,000 Total Live Video Views: 164,000 Total Live Engagements: 14,000
  • CASE STUDY #14

    Drive education and consideration of Crisco products as household staples with custom content, social activations, high-impact display units, and a First Impression Recipe Roadblock.

    Video Views: 1MM Total Reactions. Shares, & Comments: 23,141 View More >
  • CASE STUDY #15

    Authentically integrate Eggland’s Best products into LittleThings’ food and recipe content through an Exclusive Egg Editorial Sponsorship, custom content, and a First Impression Recipe Roadblock.

    Video Views: 712,502 Total Reactions. Shares, & Comments: 17,389 View More >
  • CASE STUDY #16

    Generate social energy for Cheerios with a branded episode of Truth Bomb Mom featuring Kristina Kuzmic.

    Video Views: 848,731 Total Reactions. Shares, & Comments: 11,965
  • CASE STUDY #17

    Position Atlantis as the #1 choice for families seeking a vacation in the Caribbean. Target consumers engaged in the traveling-planning process with custom content that provides advice and solutions for families.

    Video Views: 3,578 Total Reactions. Shares, & Comments: 11,965