She Asks These Little Girls For Love Advice. What They Say? Hilarious!

by Amber James
Amber is the Branded Content Editor at LittleThings. She currently resides in Manhattan.

When it comes to love, are we all just over thinking? Well, one group of adults decided to get to the bottom of it and asked young and unbiased kids what they thought about love and dating.

It’s safe to say that, as we all know: Kids say the darndest things!

In the hilarious video, the adults’ questions range from, “How do you ask someone out?” to “What’s a great date movie?” The surprising experts of true love are all under ten and sure have a lot to say about the topic of love, dating, and breakups.

The highlights really come when twenty-something woman asks about the perfect date food.

“Papa John’s,” Niko, the 7-year-old “Love Expert,” tells her older counterpart.

All the little kids seem to agree on one thing: Pizza is the key to a perfect first date. Who knew it was that simple?!

Then, they start getting to the tough questions.

“What if I want to break up?” one of the adults asks.

The little girls barely flinch when giving their hilarious answer. We won’t spoil it for you, but it’s pretty funny! This tongue-in-cheek video is sure to make you smile.

What’s been the funniest thing you’ve heard a kid say about love? Tell us!

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