Adorable Toddler Explains To Daddy Why She’s NOT A Princess

by Caroline Bayard
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Whatever you do, do not call this little girl a princess!

Dads…we love them, but they can be so clueless sometimes.

Especially when it comes to really important things like princess dresses and sparkly bracelets.

Whenever a little one starts to argue with dear old Dad, it can be pretty hilarious. Just take this video of a baby who won’t let his papa leave to do the laundry for example… Absolutely priceless! Yet that kid doesn’t stand a chance next to Joanna, the adorable little star of the following video that has quickly gone viral since her father posted the hilarious conversation to his YouTube page Lomelino Kids.

While most little girls (and some almost grown-up girls, too!) would love for their fathers to call them “Princess,” little JoJo puts up a pretty ridiculous argument as to why she hasn’t earned her crown just yet. In the hilarious video, JoJo tells her dad that he can’t call her his princess because she doesn’t have A) Sparkly “bwacelets,” B) Sparkly princess headband, or C) A dress-up dress, even though she’s rocking some cute jewels and a very princess-y gown.

When Dad tries to explain to the toddler that she is a princess because he’s a king, she’s so quick to correct him “No you’re not. You’re a dad.” before she tells him he needs to watch some movies to see what they actually look like. Although this adorable daddy-daughter convo cuts short, Dad wrote on YouTube that in the end JoJo got a new princess dress and bracelet, and finally came around accepting her royal status.

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