Vets Try To Release Sea Lions Back Into The Wild, But Pups Return To Say Goodbye

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

A group of adorable sea lions are back where they belong, thanks to the intrepid crew at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Orange County, California.

The PMMC is a hardworking organization that rescues and rehabilitates stranded marine mammals, including sea lions.

Just last year, the PMMC’s sister organization, the Marine Mammal Center, went viral after rescuing an adorable sea lion pup who lost his mother and came to get help from some San Francisco PD officers.

A lot of sea lions have been getting sick because of a toxic algae bloom that makes seals and sea lions very, very ill. Pups and pregnant moms are especially vulnerable.

That’s where the PMMC comes in. They rescue the animals and nurse them back to health.

Then, if all goes well, they get to release them back into the ocean.

This year the PMMC has already seen evidence of a very strong algae bloom, and both they and the MMC have already taken in huge numbers of sickly seals and sea lions in 2017.

Both organizations could really use gift cards and donations to help them buy supplies like paper towels and Pedialyte for their patients!

Recently, the staff had the distinct pleasure of freeing four sea lions after nursing them back to health. The only problem? The adorable sea lions weren’t sure they were ready to go!

Check out the hilarious video of their reluctant goodbye below!

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