So Cute it Actually Hurts! Watch This Puppy Experience Snow for the First Time!

by Kristin Buchholz
Kristin is an American freelance writer based in the Scottish Highlands. Some of her dirty little secrets include being a saxophonist, an obsessive tennis player, a U.S. Air Force Veteran, and the holder of a Master of Science degree that she is still paying for. She is also the author of the online style blog Highland Fashionista.

There are some things in life that need no introduction — they require no preamble, fanfare, or narrator telling you how you are supposed to feel about a situation.

Some things just speak for themselves.

Take this puppy for instance. This video clip, uploaded by YouTube user Miss Kyri, is a perfect example of how something as simple and seemingly commonplace as a puppy frolicking in the snow can completely change your outlook (and do so in a mere one minute and 18 seconds to boot). While it’s hard to pinpoint whether it’s his snowy white fur, the exuberant look on his wee puppy face, or the great amount of effort he has to put into navigating the snow that has captured our hearts, what we can tell you is that you will definitely be a happier person for watching this clip!

Warning: Those who do not experience side effects of heartwarming cuteness and potential high-pitched squealing should probably get themselves checked out. It’s that cute.

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