Adorable Little Baby Dances With His Dad Onstage

by Paul Morris
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When country music star Coffey Anderson was performing an assortment of famous songs at a New Year’s Eve concert, the crowd was surprised with one of the cutest party crashers you could ever hope to see onstage!

Right in the middle of his cover of Van Morrison’s catchy song, “Brown-Eyed Girl,” the crowd was suddenly given an amazing extra little treat. Anderson’s 18-month-old son, Ethan, rushed onstage to give Daddy’s legs a huge hug.

The crowd instantly cheered, but when the baby began to walk away, it turned out he had just begun to steal the spotlight from his music playing dad! Little Evan suddenly begins to dance in one of the cutest ways possible.

Thank goodness someone was filming this special moment.

We’re sure that Coffey and Evan will love to watch this when Evan performs at his first concert! Daddy obviously loves his little son, and little Evan is absolutely obsessed with his big dad!

You can’t really blame the crowd for tuning Coffey out during this portion of the night. Even though he’s a master guitar player, and has a voice that could sooth anyone, there’s just no competing with his adorable dancing little baby boy!

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