Miss Bunz The Adopted Bunny Wears A Protective Police Harness

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

I love a good animal outfit and am not afraid to admit it.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely appreciate creative costumes on humans, too, especially if they’re for a great cause.

But there is something about an animal dressed up that is just so darn cute, provided (of course) that the animal actually enjoys wearing said outfit.

Dogs definitely wear outfits well, and if you can manage to get a hat or a necklace around a cat without getting scratched, the risk is definitely worth the reward.

But have you ever had the privilege of seeing a dressed-up bunny, reveling in his or her ensemble?

Bunny clothes are a little harder to come by, especially since they are so small and low to the ground.

But when Nancy Chen rescued Miss Bunz from a shelter, she wound up purchasing an unforgettable outfit for her fuzzy friend in the form of a harness. 

Not only does Miss Bunz love wearing her harness (which also happens to be functional), but since posting a photo of the bedecked bunny online, Chen has been receiving a lot of love for Miss Bunz’s adorable accessory.

Check below to see photos of Miss Bunz, and you’ll see why the internet can’t get enough of her new favorite outfit!

Nancy Chen first met and adopted Miss Bunz at a shelter in 2012. 

Upon first meeting her, the little bunny appeared shy and afraid of most people who approached her.

Since she was Chen‘s first rescue rabbit, it took a while for Miss Bunz to warm up to her new home.

But eventually she began to be more social, spending more time out of her cage and hopping around the house.

Next, Chen let her play outside and learned that she loved the outdoors.

So she headed to the pet store to pick out a safety harness and eventually settled on a little police harness.

But when she posted a photo of the newly equipped police bunny online, the internet went wild!

People couldn’t get enough of the fuzzy little bunny juxtaposed with the big butch police gear, and neither could she.

Beyond serving a safety function while outdoors, the harness has become a favorite of this cute little bunny.

Internet users also praised Miss Bunz as being a real-life version of Judy Hopps from Disney’s Zootopia.

The movie’s director, Byron Howard, even tweeted a photo of the two, citing the similarities. 

Miss Bunz’s cool harness has since attracted thousands of fans who are eager to follow her furry footsteps online.

And when she’s not posing in her police gear, she is busy being photogenic elsewhere with her other adopted siblings.

But she clearly loves lounging outdoors in her little harness, whether she is aware of the fame or not.

From the shelter to her lavish life of Disney celebrity impersonation, Miss Bunz is certainly a fluffy bunny success story.

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