Adopted Girl’s Ultra Rare Diagnosis Meant Her ‘Piercing Silver’ Eyes Had To Be Removed

by Amy Paige
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Primrose Austin was born in China and quickly turned over to a local orphanage. It’s believed that her biological parents weren’t able to properly care for the newborn, who was born with disabilities like blindness and hearing impairment.

In January 2016, Eryn Austin of Braselton, Georgia, was browsing Facebook when she stumbled upon a photo of little Primrose and fell in love. She had a pair of the most striking silver eyes, and they were unlike anything Eryn had seen before. She and her husband, Chris, already two children but made a plan to travel to China to adopt Primrose.

Though Primrose’s piercing silver eyes ultimately helped her find her forever family, they were also the source of so much pain.

She was suffering from a severe and untreated case of congenital glaucoma, which resulted in her eyes clouding over and appearing silver and translucent.

After Eryn and Chris brought their new daughter back home to Georgia, doctors discovered Primrose has “6p25 deletion syndrome,” which caused her eye and skeletal abnormalities, hearing loss, lack of muscle tone, and other issues.

Primrose was in a state of agony, and sometimes the pain was so bad that she couldn’t eat or drink. Congenital glaucoma caused pressure to build behind her eye sockets. She had retinal detachment in one eye, while the other eye continued to shrink.

Eryn and Chris made the heartbreaking decision to allow doctors to remove Primrose’s eyes.

And within weeks of surgery, Primrose was already showing a miraculous transformation…

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