Adopted Dog Slips Away From Her New Owner, But Nobody Finds Her Until 9 Months Later

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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A family in New Jersey was so excited when they adopted a dog from Tennessee in February. The dog, named Zina, had been in her new home for only a few days when she slipped away from her owners.

Somehow, Zina got loose, and she ran off through the streets of Riverdale, New Jersey. Zina’s new owner searched long and hard for his new dog, but he couldn’t find her.

That’s when Lisa Rose Rublack, who had heard about the missing dog, decided to step in. “I just decided that I’m gonna call the guy and see if he wants help,” Lisa told Pix11. It was freezing outside, and Lisa wanted to do whatever she could to help the family find their dog.

Months went by, and Zina still hadn’t returned home.

Some neighbors had seen Zina on their home surveillance cameras, but nobody had been able to catch her.

Finally, on Thanksgiving weekend, nine months after Zina went missing, Lisa finally got her hands on the wily dog. Zina was immediately checked out by a vet; they found that although she was only a few pounds underweight, she had contracted Lyme disease.

Zina’s family decided they weren’t the right fit for the sweet dog — with kids at home and busy schedules, they’re worried Zina might escape again. They know there’s another family out there who can provide Zina with the love and attention she deserves.

If you’re interested in adopting Zina, you can contact Lisa at

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