Adopted Cats Can’t Stop Cuddling Even Though They’ve Outgrown Their Bed

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

There is no rhyme or reason for animals’ favorite sleeping spots.

Whether it is a soft, plushy bed made just for them or on the laps of the humans that they love, animals rarely stray from their favorite place to rest once they’ve found it.

They will even sleep in downright uncomfortable positions, like this kitty who is asleep against a watermelon!

This is certainly the case for Renley and Lili, two brother-sister cats, who can’t stop cuddling in their favorite little cat tower.

Ever since they were adopted, the two have been practically inseparable, and practically nothing can keep them from tangling up around one another to sleep.

Even now, having long outgrown their favorite sleeping spot, the two insist on making it work, even if it means contorting into the most ridiculous sleeping positions!

Check below to see the silly photos of the siblings as they try to nap together despite being way too big for their bed.

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Renley, the ginger cat, and Lili, the gray cat, are adopted Maine coon cats who are basically inseparable.

Their favorite thing to do together is to cuddle up for a nap in their favorite cat bed, intertwined in a furry heap.

When they were younger and quite a bit smaller, the pair had no problem fitting in the bed, curling and contorting to make sure that they both fit.

But as they began to grow, their favorite napping spot got smaller and smaller.

But still, the furry siblings persisted, squishing together so that they both, somewhat, fit in the tall cat tower.

Since separating for any amount of time seems completely unfeasible for the siblings, they have taken to squeezing and spilling out of the same spot they have always loved.

‘They both just love sleeping there, so they both butt into it until someone gets too hot and moves elsewhere,” explained owner Sonja to Daily Mail.

Since the pair is so silly and clearly not camera shy, she has been documenting their cute, precarious naps on their own Instagram.

The cute kitty pair proves that true sibling love transcends any proper sleeping position.

We look forward to seeing more hilarious photos of the cats as they try to cuddle despite their close sleeping quarters.

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