Adopted Girl Turns To Drugs To Fill Emotional Void, Then Gets Clean And Tracks Down Birth Family

by Angela Andaloro

Allison was adopted from Romania at just 6 months old, during a time in the country’s history when women were being pushed to give birth annually to boost the population.

As a result, orphanages were flooded with children who couldn’t be cared for. Though she was adopted by a wonderful family, she struggled throughout her life with a feeling that no one understood her. She felt a piece of herself was missing and had so many unanswered questions about her birth parents.

Eventually, as a teen, Allison turned to drugs and alcohol to fill that void.

When she drank, the young woman found a sense of relief she didn’t know she was seeking.

She felt like she could truly breathe and be herself for the first time in her life. Her adoptive parents grew concerned and placed her in an adolescent treatment facility, but Allison ran away and fell in with a bad crowd who used meth. She knew that she was using substances to silence the noise in her head, but she couldn’t imagine an existence without those substances either. She prayed for guidance and strength to overcome her condition.

Despite finding God and getting the help she needed, Allison wasn’t done using yet. She ended up dating a boy who got her back into meth. She was constantly in trouble with the law as a result of her drug use. After her parents refused to help her out of her legal troubles and she found herself in a jail cell, she finally surrendered to God and prayed for the strength to give herself a better life. She began the path to recovery.

After having a daughter, Allison experienced a sense of peace and fullness that she’d never known before. Getting clean and becoming a mom herself also ignited her desire to find her birth family — so she decided to track them down.

Check out the video below to learn more about Allison’s addiction journey and to see how her lifelong prayers to find her birth family were finally answered!

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