Adele’s New Beach Photos Have Some Fans Concerned That She May Be Getting Too Thin

by Angela Andaloro

For her entire career, Adele’s appearance has been a topic of interest for even the most casual fan.

The internet collectively gawked in disbelief when discovering Adele and Rihanna were the same age because of the differences in how the two women present themselves. When Adele started to slim down, fans speculated it was the work of the Hollywood machine. Since her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki, fans have taken a closer look at Adele’s slim-down and haven’t hesitated to share their thoughts.

Over the weekend, photos of the songstress on holiday in Anguilla hit the internet.

There, she posed for pictures with fans and was, by all accounts, a pleasure. When she wasn’t interacting with fans, she was having fun in the sun with Harry Styles and James Corden. What caught everyone’s attention, however, was how much weight she appears to have lost. Fans are now concerned that she’s lost too much weight and how that could be damaging to her.

At the beginning of Adele’s career, she was compared to the likes of Susan Boyle. People were surprised to hear a voice like hers coming from a body like hers. While those judgments are clearly superficial, new thoughts on Adele’s appearance are calling those same superficial notions into question.

Throughout Adele’s career, her look has changed up a bit. She’s gotten more glam than she was during her early days, although it’s easier to do so when you have a glam team at your disposal. Her glam-up could largely be chalked up as a side effect of her increasing and well-deserved fame.

Adele’s weight loss journey became of interest to fans after she announced her divorce from Simon Konecki. Fans noticed the star starting to slim down around the time that the split was announced last year. They wondered if she was working on her own “revenge body.”

Over the course of the last year, Adele has continued to slim down. While she isn’t super active on social media, photos of her that have appeared have caught praise from fans. Others who identified with Adele’s original image questioned whether all the praise for her new body is coming from the right place.

You see, it’s OK to be happy for your favorite celebrities in meeting their goals, for whatever reason they may have set them. It’s wonderful to be a supportive voice in a critical world. But the overwhelming amount of support for Adele’s “new body” has been seen by some as a harsh response to her old one.

Fans have started a dialogue asking if the praise is thinly veiled fat-phobic sentiments. Adele has acknowledged the weight loss herself, crediting dieting and Pilates. She has not addressed this side of the conversation, however.

In one Twitter conversation, writer Audra Williams discussed the dangers of the celebration around a person’s weight loss. While all signs indicate that Adele has gone about it in a happy and healthy way, that’s not always the case for others. She called for consciousness around the conversation and to consider what it might mean to others.

Over Christmas, Adele posted some pictures of herself enjoying the holiday season. She appears slimmer than ever before, but very happy and healthy as well. People regarded her as unrecognizable in the shots.

Now photos are starting to emerge of Adele enjoying her winter holiday. She’s been vacationing in the Eastern Caribbean, particularly in Antigua. Photos show that she’s been gracious and wonderful about meeting and taking photos with fans.

When she wasn’t hanging out with fans, she was hanging out with some other famous faces. TMZ reports Adele was spotted with Harry Styles, which is exciting for fans who have long awaited a collaboration between the two. She’s also been spotted with James Corden.

The comments on her body began to come up again. This time, fans were wondering if Adele has taken the weight loss too far. A number of fans expressed concern that she looks too thin and wonder if her health is at risk.

Even the remarks that praise her current look are a bit concerning. Tabloids have taken to referring to her as “Skinny Adele,” with fans calling her “a skinny legend.” It seems to send the wrong message, one the star herself would not endorse.

It seems like the star can’t win with her fans one way or another. What’s clear is that her talent is incredible and should be the focus way above whatever her scale might say at any given time. The focus on her weight by people who aren’t truly invested in her health is unhealthy in itself and sends a bad message to people of all body types.

While everyone sits around talking about Adele, she’s out there living her best life. As long as she’s healthy and happy, fans should be happy for her. Everyone else should consider what their comments about Adele’s weight are really saying about their own biases.