Hair Loss Ruins Mom’s Confidence, Then She Lets A Woman Put A Needle To Her Scalp

by Jess Butler
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Female hair loss isn’t something a lot of women bring up out of the blue, but it’s much more common than you would think.

A brave woman named Adda was absolutely fed up with her thinning locks. She had lost her confidence and went out of her way to hide her bald spots in photos.

“I feel embarrassed, it makes me feel a lot older than I really am,” Adda explains in the video below, posted on March 9, 2017. “I don’t even like taking pictures because it doesn’t look like me anymore.”

Because of the way her condition was affecting her, she visited The Doctors, where the hosts offered her a chance to try something innovative and possibly life-changing.

They suggested microblading, the process of “tattooing” fine strokes of pigment with the help of several tiny needles to replicate the appearance of hair strands. Microblading recently became a semi-permanent makeup trend for eyebrows, but it is still taking the world by storm with new techniques, like this one for the scalp and hairline.

“We’re implanting the pigment into the layers of the scalp,” Adda’s microblading specialist states. “It’s a group of 15 needles that’s used to create hair-like strokes, so it looks more natural.”

After her hairline was completely treated, it was time for her big reveal in front of a live audience.

To see what the new, happily transformed Adda looks like, check out the video below — the results are amazing!

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