7 Adaptive Halloween Costumes That Show How Far Disability-Friendly Costumes Have Really Come

by Stephanie Kaloi

This summer Target revealed its 2019 collection of adaptive Halloween costumes to a lot of celebration.

Making space for kids who have physical disabilities in such a big way is important, and the inclusion of adaptive costumes is a great step by the company.

Kids and adults who have disabilities have always had to adapt their costumes themselves, and a lot of the time the results are truly inspired.

While these photos all feature costumes that have been adapted for people who use adaptive equipment like wheelchairs and tricycles, it’s important to remember that not all disabilities are easy to spot.

As a mom of a kid who has what is considered an invisible disability that isn’t always immediately obvious, I can attest to the fact that DIY adaptive Halloween costumes just come with the territory.

These seven costumes are each fun and different. The creative energy that parents, kids, and adults put into coming up with their own take on Halloween is something worth celebrating.

Poison Ivy

Jezebel Bombshell is a cosplayer with an amaaaazing repertoire of costumes. She dressed as Poison Ivy at the Louisville Super Con, complete with her own DIY plant puppet.

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When Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out in 2015, there was an immediate breakout star: droid BB-8. Kids everywhere fell in love, and each Halloween since has been filled with little droids bopping from house to house.

Karin’s son Liam is also a big BB-8 fan, and the family put together this costume for him so he could rock Halloween as his favorite bot.

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Soul Train

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Day 7: Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month Some of you probably know this, others may not. I get really into Halloween. Like no joke REALLY into Halloween. Over the years I have found quite a bit of joy in making some pretty ridiculous costumes. I was injured October 11 so I spent Halloween in the hospital. Halloween is a very special time to me, so I rolled around in Halloween themed pajamas (daily attire at the time), cat ears, a BIG bowl of candy and I hit up all of the rooms so people could trick-or-treat. I was too weak to push myself at the time so I held the giant bowl of candy and my mom helped me spread joy as she pushed me around the whole hospital. That was my very first Halloween in a wheelchair. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of Cash Cab. It’s as amazing as you would assume, it even had lights on the inside above me and I rolled around with trivia questions. 😂 Also I don’t have a picture of me in the coffin, the one where I am dressed up Dia day los Muertos, I had a coffin I slid over me. So far I have been Amelia Earhart in an airplane, a toilet seat, Pocahontas in a canoe, Soul Train, Cash Cab, and a skeleton in a coffin. I’m already getting ready for next month! Do you have any plans for dressing up? #halloween #halloweencostume #wheelchair #wheelchaircostume #wheelchaircosplay #disability #sci #spinalcordinjury #soultrain #♿️

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Gina broke her neck in a diving accident in 2003 and has since become a disability advocate through her Facebook page, Oops I Broke My Neck. As you can imagine, she has quite the library of adaptive Halloween costumes, like this spin on Soul Train.

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This costume is not quite an at-home DIY, but it was created with the assistance of Walkin’ & Rollin’, an organization that supplies kids with custom-built Halloween costumes.

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Elliot and E.T.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is one of my favorite movies, and this take on Elliot and his alien friend is adorable! Ephraim pulls it off perfectly.

Shop the costume:

Chewie and the Millennium Falcon

This Millennium Falcon costume might be for the more enterprising of creative parents, but it’s definitely awe-inspiring. Lilith is the perfect Chewie!

Shop the Child Chewbacca Mask ($4.99, Party City).

Fred Flinstone

I feel like the Flintstone family might not be something every kid is into these days, but Maddux is adorable in his Fred Flintstone costume. His family used his adaptive tricycle to bring this idea to fruition, which is particularly genius.

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