Adam Levine Dishes On John Legend Joining ‘The Voice’ And How He Feels About Chrissy Teigen

by Angela Andaloro

The coaches on NBC’s The Voice are known for their playful banter and sibling-like competitiveness. With John Legend stepping up from being an adviser to a full-time coach for season 16, many fans of the singing competition show wonder how he might affect the dynamic between coaches.

He may be new to the big red chairs, but John’s got a lot of experience where it really counts. Last year, at 39 years old, John became the youngest person to achieve EGOT status, having won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. He’s also the first African-American man to enjoy the honor. He’s worked with a slew of talented artists throughout his career, including fellow coach Kelly Clarkson.

Just a few weeks ago, John also teamed up with coach Adam Levine to take an adorable and important stand on fatherhood.

The two appeared in a Pampers Super Bowl commercial featuring John’s catchy single, “Stinky Booty Duty.” Now that Adam’s gotten to know John a bit better, he’s speaking out about what he thinks of the new coach and his Twitter-dominating wife, Chrissy Teigen.

John Legend has upgraded from adviser to full-fledged coach on The Voice. He’s stepping in for Jennifer Hudson, who is currently working on The Voice UK.

It was announced in September that John would be joining the coaches. Fans have been eagerly waiting to see him in action.

The singing competition show has definitely been playing up John’s addition to the coaches. He comes in at an interesting time for the show.

The addition of a new male coach poses a threat to the bromance at the heart of the show between veteran judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. It also poses a threat to Kelly Clarkson, who has had her talent win on both of her first two seasons as a coach.

With the start of season 16 just a few days away, fans are eager to see how the dynamic between judges might shift. Will John be a tough coach or his usual mellow self?

Adam Levine recently opened up to Entertainment Tonight about what to expect from John Legend this season. He offers a unique perspective as one of two original coaches still on the show.

Adam and John also recently teamed up for a Pampers commercial during this year’s Super Bowl. The commercial takes a stand on men being involved in all aspects of fatherhood, including “Stinky Booty Duty.”

“John’s great. I’ve known John a long time and [his] mega talent [is] awesome,” Adam remarked. “[He’s the] easiest guy to get along with on the planet. Absolutely [the] greatest.”

As for his coaching style, Adam thinks that people will be surprised by John. “John is a much more extroverted person than people realize ’cause he’s so smooth and kind of mellow and serene in a lot of ways, but he went at it during the Blind Auditions.”

“He came out of his shell and he’s not that low-key, which I love,” Adam added. “He’s hysterical and I got to sit next to him, which was great.”

Adam even went so far as to say he thinks John could take it all… if Adam doesn’t take it himself first. “I was very happy when I heard he was gonna be joining. I hope he wins… if it’s not me, I hope it’s John.”

As for John’s other half, cookbook author/Lip Sync Battle cohost/Twitter savage Chrissy Teigen, Adam is also obsessed. “I love Chrissy. Now, that is a woman that has a very big, extroverted personality and that’s kind of why you feel like John is mellower, like they kind of balance each other out, but no. John’s got fire. He’s got some Chrissy in him.”

Chrissy also has an upcoming judging gig on NBC. She’ll be finding new comedic talent alongside Kenan Thompson, Amanda Seales, and Jeff Foxworthy on Bring the Funny, although there’s no word on a time line just yet.

You can be sure to catch the coaches battling it out when season 16 of The Voice returns. Tune in on February 25 to see John in action!