Christina Applegate, Dennis Quaid, And 7 Other Actors Admit Which Iconic Roles They Lost Out On

by Madison Vanderberg

Behind every iconic role are dozens of people who almost nabbed the part, but didn’t. Entertainment Tonight spoke with nine A-list actors who have suffered such a fate, including Adam Brody, Christina Applegate, Alyson Hannigan, and Dennis Quaid.

Adam, for his part, tried out for a role on Dawson’s Creek before he made a name for himself as Seth Cohen on The O.C.

“I read with Scott Speedman and I didn’t get it,” he said of auditioning for the famous teen drama series. “That was like my first, like, ‘Whoa this is a real TV show.'”

Christina, meanwhile, was offered the chance to star in Legally Blonde years ago, but since she had just finished playing a similar character on Married… With Children, she turned the part down.

“I got scared of kind of repeating myself,” she explained, adding, “What a stupid move that was, right?”

Alyson would’ve loved to have received such an offer for the role of Blossom Russo of Blossom years ago, which ended up going to Mayim Bialik of The Big Bang Theory.

“You can’t be an actress without going, ‘Eh, I wish I had gotten that one,'” Alyson said. “But you also just know it was obviously not meant to be. But I remember being devastated as a kid, for not getting Blossom. That one hurt. I would have rocked that hat.”

And as for Dennis? Well, imagine him in Tom Hanks’ place in 1988’s Big.

“That was for me,” the actor said of the gig.

See who else missed out on memorable parts in the video below!

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