Teen Disfigured By Acid Attack Finds Love 10 Years Later While Being Treated In The Hospital

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is the Editor of Original Content. She lives in Queens, NY.

When Pramodini Roul was just 15 years old, a 28-year-old man proposed to her. She wasn’t interested, so she turned him down.

Later, as she was walking home from an exam with her cousin, the man threw acid on her. The attack left her with burns all over her face and blind in both eyes.

For the next few years, the teen was constantly in and out of hospitals. She had multiple surgeries, treatment for related health issues, and tons of appointments with specialists and doctors.

Now, at 25 and going by Rani, which means “queen” in Hindi, she’s living a happy, full life.

While she was in the hospital for a leg infection, Rani started getting treated by a nurse. The nurse’s friend, Saroj, came in one day, and he and Rani slowly became friends, too.

Now, Rani and Saroj are planning to get married.

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hospital beds

Rani was only 15 when an acid attack left her permanently disfigured.

She had rejected a man’s marriage proposal, and he took his anger out on her.

rani photo
Caters News / Niraj Gera

Rani was immediately hospitalized for her injuries.

Her face was melted away, her hair burned off, and she was blinded in both eyes.

hospital hallway

Almost a decade later, Rani was hospitalized for an infection. She ended up bedridden for months.

While in the hospital, Rani met a man named Saroj Kuma Rahoo. He was a friend of one of her nurses.

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Saroj started caring for Rani and visiting her every day to boost her morale.

Rani couldn’t see Saroj, but the two were still able to form a beautiful bond.

saroj rani
Caters News / Niraj Gera

Eventually, Saroj quit his full-time job to stay with Rani all day long.

For Rani, her new friend was the motivation she needed to keep pushing past her injuries.

rani and saroj
Caters News / Niraj Gera

In January, 2016, Saroj told Rani that he had developed romantic feelings for her.

Rani was elated — she, too, had fallen in love. But Rani was scared that she wasn’t truly prepared to be in a relationship.

saroj and rani
Caters News / Niraj Gera

Now, Rani and Saroj have moved in together and are planning their wedding.

Before they get married, though, Rani wants to have a few more reconstructive surgeries.

rani saroj love
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Rani’s view on life has totally changed now that Saroj is in it. The two support each other and care for each other in inspirational ways.

“He assured me that there will come a day when I will not just be able to see the world and work, but will also be able to make others happy,” Rani told Daily Mail.

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Unfortunately, Rani’s attacker has not been arrested, and her family has run out of money to pay for surgeries.

Despite all that, she couldn’t be happier with where her life is now.

acid attack
Caters News / Niraj Gera

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