High School Senior Poses For Her Portrait, Then A Naked Guy Accidentally Shows Up Behind Her

by Paul Morris
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High school senior portraits will always remain a very important part of any young person’s school experience.

As they get older, graduate college, and go on to have kids, they’ll always be so thankful to have gotten the chance to take a nice professional photo capturing themselves and how they looked as they entered their final year of schooling.

So for Jillian Henry, it came as no surprise that she wanted to take a beautiful and serene photo along the Willamette River. Submerged about halfway up her shins, Jillian wanted to take a unique-looking photo for her senior portrait, but little did she know her photo was going to turn out to be very unique.

Along with her photographer Elena, they realized that there was some movement in the brush behind them. Suddenly it became clear that they were not alone for this photo session, and Jillian seriously couldn’t stop laughing at what she was seeing.

Check out the hilarious photobomb below! And don’t worry, we’ve censored out any of the naughty parts!

Jillian is undoubtedly looking forward to her final year of school. And to celebrate that fact she’s decided to take a stunning series of senior portraits. However, she had no idea her pictures were going to make her a viral sensation!

In fact, her photos have made so many people laugh and smile, that in less than a week she’s gotten hundreds of thousands of photo likes, and almost 50,000 retweets on Twitter!

It was a beautiful day near the river when Jillian and her photographer Elena suddenly realized there was a naked man walking his dog in the brush behind them! When Jillian realized what she was looking at, she couldn’t hold back the laughter.

That is not something you expect to see in the middle of a photo shoot!

We aren’t sure if the man even realized he had photobombed the senior photo, and questions remain as to who walks their dog naked in the middle of a marshy lake? To each their own I suppose!

Thankfully, it seems like the man’s photobomb was totally unintentional, and everyone was a bit embarrassed, but not so much that they couldn’t all laugh at the hilarious situation.

Usually a photobomb is when the person doing the silly thing in the background actually intends to do it. But this photobomb is truly unique in how accidentally perfect it all turned out to be!

And even though Jillian managed to take some more “official” senior photos, something tells us that she’ll probably always be more proud of the sillier ones. Life is filled with quite a few happy accidents, even if one of those is a naked guy walking his dog right into the middle of your photo!

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