Rescued Pit Bull Becomes The Most Incredible Puppy Mom

by Rebecca Landman
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When rescuers finally freed pregnant Dory the pit bull from her previous living situation, confined by an unethical Floridian breeder, they, unfortunately, missed one key detail.

Big Heart for Big Dogs rescuers hadn’t realized that Dory’s eldest daughter, Destiny, had also been forced to breed.

Surrounding folks in the community, though, maintained their diligent watch over poor Destiny, hoping for an opportunity to finally free her from these abusers as well. That chance eventually came when Destiny wandered her way into the woods to give birth to her new puppies.

Once rescuers found her — surrounded by her litter of four living newborns, as well as a few who didn’t make it — they finally persuaded her previous owners to release Destiny and her living puppies into BHBD’s custody.

Now, this brave mom never lets her adorable new daughters out of her sight.

And what’s more amazing — She’s even been gifted the chance to reunite with her own mother, Dory!

Trinity Hansen, West Coast Director of BHBD, told LittleThings, “We have a responsibility to do better for these animals.”

Keep scrolling to learn more about how this incredible mom continues caring for and protecting her precious puppies.

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Pit Bull

Destiny the pit bull lived most of her life trapped in a terrible situation, one she nearly never escaped.

Her birth was the result of unethical Floridian breeding tactics, devised by abusers who forced their dogs into pregnancy against their will.

pregnant pit bull

Destiny’s mother, Dory, spent the majority of her life pregnant. Destiny was her eldest pup.

Rescuers from Big Heart for Big Dogs eventually rescued Dory, just in time to oversee her latest birth of five new boys and three new girls.

However, while rescuing Dory, these animal lovers missed one key detail — Destiny was pregnant, too.

pit bull with puppies

Trinity Hansen, West Coast Director of BHBD told the Dodo“People in the area had been keeping an eye on them, [the abusers], after Dory [was rescued], and we were alerted that Destiny had gone into the woods to have puppies on the same exact day that Dory delivered her babies.

“Dory’s foster mom and volunteers searched and found her with four living and several deceased puppies. The owner agreed to surrender the family to BHBD.”

pit bull with puppies

Upon arriving at the rescue, Destiny was covered in mange and showed signs of severe emotional trauma. Hansen told the Dodo, “She is very shy, sweet, and quiet.

“It is apparent she has not had it easy and is very unsure of humans.”


Her adorable puppies were covered in fleas and ticks, but soon fought their way back to good health.

In time, the rescue gifted each lovely puppy her own name — Pearl, Coral, Bailey, and Peach.

“The puppies are doing amazing,” Hansen told LittleThings. “Destiny is improving slowly, but she is very shy and scared.”


Despite her harsh past, Destiny immediately proved herself as a beautifully devoted mother.

She rarely lets her adorable puppies out of sight, constantly showering them with love and affection.

pit bull with puppies

Once Destiny regained her strength, the rescue gifted her with a beautiful surprise. They reunited her with her mother, Dory!

Of reuniting Dory and Destiny, Hansen said, “They were reunited and they just licked and licked each other.

“We were fortunate enough that Dory’s foster mom made room for Destiny and her babies, too, so they are weaning their puppies together.

“There are so many meaningful moments and lessons when you are in animal rescue and even more heartbreaks,” Hansen shared with LittleThings.

“With Destiny’s case, and her mother Dory’s, we were reminded again of the amazing love a mother has her for puppies.

“Even though she came out of terrible conditions, she made sure her babies were taken care of.”

pit bull

When asked how we, as animal lovers, can take concrete steps toward halting horrors like Destiny’s and Dory’s from carrying on, Hansen told LittleThings, “I have noticed as awareness has increased we are seeing an improvement due in part to social media. People who had no idea shelters and cruelty even existed are seeing firsthand the terrible things happening to the animals.

“It has not only brought awareness, but also a tool at pushing for action, enforcement, and punishment.

“The most important thing is for people to get involved, not to turn away from the cruelty, but face it and expose it. Every voice matters.”


She continued, “Destiny deserved to live a life of comfort and care, not deliver babies alone and afraid in the woods.

“It is so important that people adopt and stop buying from and supporting breeders and puppy mills.

“People need to know that rescue dogs are not broken, they are wise, special, and experienced, and will show more love and loyalty than you can imagine.”

pit bull with puppies

After enduring cruel torture, this pit bull mommy continues protecting her precious puppies — ensuring they each get a fair chance at a beautifully happy life.

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