10 Things You Never Knew About Martha Stewart

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Martha Stewart is a household name for many reasons. From her success as an entrepreneurial homemaker to her five-month stint in prison for lying to investigators about stock market trading, everyone has a reason to know who Martha Stewart is.

Although she is in a good place these days, her life hasn’t been all roses. From starting out as a fashion model in her teens, to working at the New York Stock Exchange, to a divorce, to overseeing a seemingly endless media empire, she’s definitely had a lot of ups and downs.

While being an ultra-driven businesswoman might not make everyone in your life your biggest fan, Martha has done pretty well for herself and given back to the community. At age 76 as of August 2017, Martha is still ready and willing to keep her career successful and in the forefront of more than one industry.

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1. Sleep Isn't That Important To Her

1. Sleep Isn't That Important To Her

Sleep isn’t really on top of Martha’s to-do list, since her daily schedule is so packed.

In a WebMD article about her health, she admits that she likes to get up early and feed her many animals, take a morning hike, and just get ready for her busy day. At night, she likes to catch up on reading, as well as her late-night talk shows.

2. She Learned To Cook From Julia Child

julia child

According to, Martha learned to cook by reading Mastering the Art of French Cooking. She then started a catering business in the late 1970s that readied her for a career in the food industry.

3. She Loves Beeswax Candles More Than All Other Candles

Todd Plitt / Getty Images

None of the scented stuff for Martha! Natural beeswax candles are her favorite, and she’d have it no other way. A person’s favorite candle choice says a lot about them, and Martha’s speaks volumes. No nonsense here!

4. She Has A Degree In European Art And History


Martha finished her bachelor’s degree at Barnard in 1964 in European history and architecture.

She didn’t do much in the last two years of finishing her degree besides work and study. At the time, she lived in a cheap apartment in Manhattan with her then-husband, Andy.

5. Her Favorite Cocktail Is A Caipirinha

martha cocktail
Photo by Mat Szwajkos / Getty Images

Martha loves to mix drinks and tasty cocktails for her friends and family, but her favorite to drink is a caipirinha, as she told Town & Country.

The caipirinha is a drink typically made with cachaça (a fermented-sugarcane liquor), lime juice, simple syrup, persimmons, and lime slices.

6. She Once Worked On Wall Street

6. She Once Worked On Wall Street

Between the years 1968 and 1971, Martha made over $100,000 a year on the stock exchange floor as a stock broker, according to Martha Stewart by Ann Kerns. She got a job at a small company run by Andrew J. Monness, who saw a special fire in her. Martha was hired even though she didn’t yet have her broker’s license and had never worked on Wall Street before.

At the time, it was very uncommon for a woman to be on the floor of the NYSE, but Martha excelled and thrived in the intense environment.

7. She Likes To Drink Buttermilk

Photo by Spencer Platt / Getty Images

According to, Martha can be caught drinking buttermilk in front of an open refrigerator, possibly accompanied by pickles and liverwurst. Interesting choices!

8. She's Had Her Hip Replaced


In 2007, Martha wrote all about her hip-replacement surgery on her blog. At first, she was apprehensive about getting the surgery done. Some doctors told her that she still had 10 or so more years before she would need it, while others were ready to do the surgery immediately.

When she found the right doctor, though, she was convinced that her life would be so much better if she could walk without a limp and pain in her hip. Post surgery, she underwent lots of physical therapy, and is is now loving her “shiny new parts.”

9. She Is Worth $300 Million


To many of us, this number (per Celebrity Net Worth) may seem completely unfathomable. But through all of her diverse business ventures and career choices over the years, Martha has accumulated quite the impressive value when it comes to cold hard cash.

10. She Cares Greatly For Senior Citizens

10. She Cares Greatly For Senior Citizens

Martha is very concerned with caring for the aging population in our country, so much so that she founded the Martha Stewart Center for Living at Mount Sinai Hospital.

There are more senior citizens that need care than ever, but there isn’t too much discussion about it in the public eye. Who will be there to take care of our seniors in the coming years? Martha is trying to help answer that question.

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