New Orleans Residents Made A Shocking Discovery In An Abandoned Hospital Window

by Phil Mutz
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With the winter season upon us, we generally expect to get “the shivers” from cold weather. But in New Orleans, residents are shivering for a much different reason…

Charity Hospital has sat abandoned since Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans back in 2005. Now, 10 years later, photos have surfaced showing that the hospital might not be so abandoned after all.

On December 27, an employee from a nearby hospital — Lisa Walley Staggs — spotted something strange in the window of the supposedly empty Charity Hospital. She quickly snapped a photo of some extremely mysterious lights.

But when the camera finally zoomed in, she couldn’t believe what she saw.

Scroll through below to see the shocking and mysterious photos. Just as with these bizarre bent trees in Poland, some are claiming that the strange lights have a logical explanation. Others are not so sure.

Do you see what Lisa spotted in the window? What do you think it is? Let us know in the comments!

[H/T: Daily Mail, WWL-TV]

new orleans abandoned hospital ghost christmas tree

Although Charity Hospital has supposedly been abandoned since 2005, just days after Christmas, Lisa Walley Staggs spotted a strange light coming from an upper-floor window.

Lisa knew that there the hospital should be completely empty.

Lisa wrote on her Facebook wall, “I work at an inner city New Orleans hospital that happens to be situated directly across from Charity Hospital. Charity Hospital has been closed, its windows darkened, since Hurricane Katrina, and is a gloomy and dreary sight on the best of days… at night it’s down-right scary. Until tonight.”

new orleans abandoned hospital ghost christmas tree

When Lisa zoomed in closer, her photo revealed something even more shocking.

Her Facebook post continued, “Tonight as I was leaving work, I glanced over at the forgotten building, only to see the lights of a tiny Christmas tree!”

The source of light appeared to be a lone Christmas tree sitting in the window. In spite of its unexplained appearance, Lisa wrote, “It made me smile just a little bit tonight!”

Very quickly, Lisa’s pictures went viral, being shared over 20,000 times. The internet virtually exploded with people trying to speculate on the tree’s sudden appearance.

new orleans abandoned hospital ghost christmas tree

Instagram user theshortestsim  who is an “urban explorer,” according to the Daily Mail  posted this photo on his account, claiming that it was taken inside the same room as the tree.

He wrote on Instagram, “A photo of the outside of (probably) this room is going viral and people think these lights are a ghost Christmas tree.”

A more logical explanation has also been circulating. WWL-TV reports, “University police investigated the sighting and found some 2x4s wrapped in lights.”

This seemed to have satisfied some, while others remain spooked. Another observer, Mike Arbon, told WWL-TV, “It gave me chills when I saw it and, of course, made me think of my brother, who passed away at Charity Hospital.”

With many now calling this ghostly Christmas tree the result of some simple wood and lights, the question still remains: how did this makeshift tree get there?

Its appearance may remain a mystery. But for now, the residents of New Orleans are keeping their eyes on the long-abandoned windows of Charity Hospital.

How do you think the tree appeared in the hospital window? Let us know in the comments.

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