Family Sees 8 Ducklings Hatch But Only 1 Survives. Weeks Later She’s Coming Back For Their Dog

by Amy Paige
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Tommy Bentsen, 12, of Oceanside, New York, stumbled upon a bird’s nest near the canal in his backyard.

Nestled inside were eight duck eggs — but the mother was nowhere in sight.

Tommy, his mom Ashley, and the rest of the family monitored the nest, but the mother never returned. Her abandoned eggs became cold to the touch.

They knew they couldn’t just let the babies die, so the family researched how to help ducklings hatch. They closely followed the guidelines set by wildlife experts.

And 28 days later, the ducks hatched inside their new incubator. Sadly, only one of the babies survived.

Ashley knew she was supposed to release the surviving duckling back to the wild. Since the canal was right behind their house, she hoped the duck would be able to befriend the other birds. However, the unconventional bird was about to reveal she had something much different in mind.

That’s when Brody, the Bentsens’ 3-year-old golden retriever, stepped in. As if sensing the duck was without its mother, he started nurturing her. Ashley figured it was just what the duck needed to find her sense of independence before returning to the wild.

The Bentsen family couldn’t have imagined the relationship about to unfold between the two unlikely friends. Now their story is being shared by outlets across the country.

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