Abandoned Dog Left For Dead Turns Out To Be Distinct Breed. Now She’s A Bomb-Sniffing K-9 Hero.

by Amy Paige
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Denver sheriff’s K-9 Taylor was one of the department’s longest-serving K-9s. The chocolate Labrador was also Deputy Patrick Hynes’ first K-9 partner.

Deputy Hynes told the Denver Post that during their six years together as partners, he spent more time with Taylor than his own wife!

In March 2019, Taylor retired from the force at the age of 8. Deputy Hynes was so heartbroken to not have Taylor by his side — and now he needed to find her worthy replacement.

Just a few months earlier, a dog named Karma was abandoned in a Denver neighborhood and left to die.

She was so skinny, very skittish, and extremely scared of people, but animal advocate Bridget Maloney-Hulslander was determined to catch her.

“We have driven countless miles looking,” Bridget wrote on Facebook. “I spotted her on Friday morning and then lost her. We spotted her again this morning and spent almost an hour following her in and out of neighborhoods only to lose sight of her again. She is very scared and runs as soon as anyone approaches. Nothing so far has worked. Hoping we can find her tomorrow and get close enough to dart her. This so emotionally tiring … I’m not giving up trying to find her.”

Karma ran the streets for five days, hungry and frightened, before she was finally caught.

The rescuers discovered Karma was a young Belgian Malinois, which is a very distinct breed known for its agility, intelligence, and trainability.

In fact, many say the Belgian Malinois make the best police dogs …

Footage provided by KDVR Denver

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