Woman Wakes Up To Find 4 Plastic Tubs Filled With 17 Rabbits In Her Driveway

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

It was a normal Tuesday morning when the founder of Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue in Rhode Island stepped out into her driveway and saw four mysterious plastic containers she’d never seen before.

As she got closer, she saw that holes had been punched into the lids, meaning, she realized with creeping dread, that they probably contained living things.

When she opened the containers, she found, to her horror, 17 frightened and unkempt rabbits, including three newborns.

Along with the rabbits was $50 and an anonymous, typed letter that explained the rabbits had been taken from a neighbor’s property, then housed temporarily, and finally abandoned at the rescue facility.

While the rabbits were fortunate that they were dropped off with a trained rescuer, simply dumping an animal is not the way to go, Sweet Binks stresses.

But sadly, heartless people do this all the time, even leaving animals in places like city subway stations.

The rabbits were dirty, injured, sick, and scared, and so the Sweet Binks staff knew they had to act fast.

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One morning, four plastic containers containing 17 rabbits appeared in the driveway of Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue in Rhode Island.

They were in bad shape, and had been in these bins for probably many hours.

Along with the rabbits was $50 and a note. “These animals first came to my attention two years ago,” it read. “They belong to a family friend/neighbor.”

According to the rest of the letter, it seems that the rabbits, who showed signs of severe neglect, had been stolen, presumably by the writer of the letter, from the house and left at the rescue center.

While this person was well-intentioned, Jennifer Sears of Sweet Binks says that simply leaving them on a doorstep is not the proper way of surrendering an animal.

The rabbits’ fur was severely matted, and many had sores on the bottoms of their feet, suggesting they’d been kept in a cramped confinement.

Some had open wounds, and all of them had bite marks, which were probably the result of stress.

Among them were also three newborns, two of which sadly didn’t survive the ordeal.

Joe Warzycha from the Rhode Island SPCA, who was called in to investigate, said, “I do this job because I love animals, so when [I] see an animal suffering, it’s always very difficult.”

It was clear that they all needed to be checked out and given care.

Sweet Binks hopes that whoever left the rabbits comes forward, and she says they will not press abandonment charges against that person.

They’re hoping the anonymous letter writer can lead them to the rabbits’ original home, where other animals may still live.

In the meantime, Sweet Binks took the rabbits in. One of them was missing ears, but luckily, he seems otherwise fine.

The staff is still trying to figure out what the rabbits need, but for most of them, the outlook is good despite their rough start.

Four of the rabbits in need of more urgent care were transferred to an animal shelter.

This Angora rabbit hadn’t been groomed in forever. Grooming is a must with long-haired rabbits, otherwise this happens.

“Her right arm was like a flipper,” Sweet Binks said on Facebook, “the chest matting was so bad she could not touch the floor.” Her nails were also unhealthily long.

But after a trim and a manicure, she was like a whole new bunny!

And while this mom rabbit lost two of her three babies, she’s taking good care of her surviving one.

Sweet Binks set her up with a nice private nesting box so she can bond with her baby.

The bunnies are settling in and will all hopefully make a full recovery. Hopefully they will all soon find loving forever homes.

Sweet Binks also hopes that the person who left the rabbits will eventually come forward, and that possibly, other animals may be saved.

You can learn more about Sweet Binks on their website and Facebook, and consider donating to keep them going strong.

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