Simon Watches In Horror As Blindfolded Man Claims He Can Chop Pineapple Off Stranger’s Head

by Mauricio Castillo
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The “Got Talent Global” array of shows have brought us some amazing, creative, and downright shocking performances and auditions. In the video below, though, you’re about to see some of the most eye-opening and even creepy auditions the shows have ever had. With that being said, one of those auditions in particular sticks out — that of Aaron Crow and his sword.

Yes, a sword.

Back in 2013, Aaron, a magician, mentalist, and danger actor from Belgium, auditioned for the seventh season of “Britain’s Got Talent,” and what an audition it was!

In fact, the video below has since received over 12 million views on YouTube — over 12 million people have been stunned by his sword-wielding show.

In the video below, Aaron walks onto the stage brandishing his sword, while eerie music plays around him.

He then walks off the stage and leads two audience members back with him.

The crowd and judges alike watch in curious fascination as Aaron places the two audience members, along with host Ant McPartlin, in strategic positions on the stage.

The man is given a board to hold, the woman a bag, and Ant is given a pineapple to balance on the top of his head.

If you think that is weird, you’re in for a big surprise.

The crowd lets out gasps of horror as Aaron walks to center stage, takes a lit candle, and pours the hot wax on his arm!

Still, nothing could have prepared them for when he holds the candle over his head.

This is an audition that has to be seen to believe, so I won’t spoil the rest for you!

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*Aaron Crow’s audition begins at :16, and ends at 3:48. Be advised, the video contains graphic content of various creepy auditions*

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