These Unique Christmas Decorations Bring Joy And Cheer To Hospitals

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

If you work in a medical field, you have to deal with some pretty heavy issues, and that means you need serious fortitude — and a wicked sense of humor.

That humor comes out in strange ways, especially around the holidays.

Spending the holiday season in a hospital isn’t exactly a lot of fun for anyone — medical staff or patient — but thanks to some good cheer on the part of the teams in these hospitals, things are a little brighter.

Nurses and doctors make lasting and deep impacts on the lives of their patients, like the nurse who comforted a baby with severe burns.

Those kinds of connections are of course meaningful, but making someone laugh, whether it’s a patient or a colleague, is meaningful too — and it can make a world of difference.

Check out the way some hospitals are decking their halls, medical style. It’s pretty great, and it’s certainly a unique take on holiday decorating!

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While the traditional garland hanging style is nice, this hospital decided to put a medical spin on things.

We never thought blood bags could be festive, but it is the gift of life, after all!

And nothing says “Christmas” like “wreath of urine sample jars.”

And if pines aren’t practical, there are plenty of other ways to have a tree. And it’s even a festive hospital green.

How about a string of prescription bottle lights to add some cheer?

And if your Christmas tree should get injured, you know where to take it.

Don’t worry, dentists can get in on the fun, too. Have you ever seen such a genius use of mouth guards?

Urinals are made jolly with this adorable handmade wreath!

And of course, what better Christmas present could you receive than the gift of a new precious lift?

Just because hospitals are known from being sterile doesn’t mean they can’t embrace some holiday cheer!

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