A Farm Of The Future Resides Within The Walls Of An Old Laser Tag Arena

by Angela Cook
Angela is a writer from New York City who loves existential conversation, songwriting, and practicing yoga. She graduated from the City College Of New York with a focus in Creative Writing and a Bachelor's degree in English. She believes that every art-form has the ability to inspire and influence, and plans to accomplish that within her writing.

In this old industrial neighborhood, an old laser tag arena houses an agricultural oasis. There are over 250 different kinds of leafy greens being grown in large quantities and sold to local supermarkets and restaurants.

David Rosenberg, CEO of AeroFarms says that its mission is to build farms and cities all over the world, so that people can be provided with highly nutritious foods that are also great-tasting. AeroFarms is a huge indoor vertical farm facility in which crops are stacked about 30-feet high and grown with Aeroponic technology.

The root misting system allows 95 percent less water than a regular field farm and uses no soil, but rather grows plants using reusable cloth and recycled plastic.

This vertical farm also doesn’t require sunlight, and instead uses specialized LED lighting.

In the video, Rosenberg states “A lot of people say ‘sunless? wait, plants need sun’, in fact the plants don’t need yellow spectrum, so we’re able to reduce our energy footprint by doing things like reducing certain types of spectrum.”

Neither herbicides or pesticides are used on these beautiful leafy greens, as well.

Being that macro trends aren’t helping, vertical farming provides a new way to feed our planet. Over the past couple of years, vertical farms have popped up all over the world.

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