A Cappella Group Records Beautiful Medley Of Disney Love Songs

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

The magic of Disney doesn’t have an age limit. Just look at the parents you see with their kids at one of their amazing parks!

Passing down a love for their timeless movies to your own children is a huge part of the charm. Sure, it’s marketed mostly for the younger crowd, but I still get excited every time someone suggests watching any of the classic flicks. My personal favorite has always been The Little Mermaid. I can still sing every word to the beautiful songs!

That’s exactly why I love this gorgeous medley of tunes performed by a group of seriously talented a cappella singers.

Featuring Pentatonix’s Kirstie Maldonado and Jeremy Michael Lewis backed by Vocative, they perfectly blend together three songs from TangledTarzan, and Hercules. Without the use of any instruments whatsoever, they create an incredible wall of sound using only their impressive pipes.

Maldonado and Lewis take most of the focus as the lead vocals throughout the tunes, but the performers behind them are no less impressive. The notes they reach to create the impeccable harmonies seriously give me chills. I wish I could bust something like that out while at karaoke with my friends, but I usually sound more like an American Idol audition reject, sadly. Oh well, at least I can still enjoy those who actually have the skill to serenade!

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