97-Year-Old Lady Walks Into Stranger’s Barn And Sees Her Life’s Wish Is About To Be Granted

by Amy Paige
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Janet Fauks, 97, knew exactly what she wanted to cross off her bucket list. The woman from Oklahoma City used to ride Morgan horses back in the day, one of the earliest breeds developed in the United States.

Anyone who loves the equestrian world will tell you the passion for riding rarely dissipates. So, Janet’s one bucket list wish was to ride a horse again — just one more time.

Not even the inclement weather or a bout of illness could keep Janet from at least trying. She and her family approached the Cottonwood Creek Ranch, hoping the staff could turn the dream into a reality. Not only did Cottonwood jump at the chance to grant Janet her wish, but the staff instantly knew the perfect Morgan horse for her to ride.

His name is Stretch, and when Janet walked into the stable to meet him for the first time, she could barely believe it. Janet spent the afternoon riding Stretch — a sight that left her children, grandchildren, friends, and photographers moved to tears.

“As always, Stretch took soft steps and gentle care of his precious cargo as they walked, jogged, and even loped to make another dream come true,” KOCO reported. Loping is when the horse moves or runs with bounding steps (think: leisurely canter) and made Janet’s experience even more exciting.

“It was a beautiful moment to witness a fellow equestrian ride again with the help of family and friends,” said Jaclyn Jacobs of Cottonwood Creek Ranch. “There are no strangers in the world of horses.”

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