House Sitters Call 911 After Hearing A ‘Home Intruder,’ But It Turns Out To Be A Roomba

by Angela Andaloro

Two men house-sitting for their nephew were terrified when they thought an intruder had broken into the home.

Per Gizmodo, the two men went to walk their nephew’s dog through their Oregon neighborhood. When they returned, they heard the sound of rustling coming from the bathroom. The door was locked, but they could see the shadow of someone moving inside. The men decided to leave again and call 911.

Washington County police officers arrived at the home minutes later.

“As we entered the home we could hear ‘rustling’ in the bathroom,” an officer explained in a Facebook post.

“We made several announcements and the ‘rustling’ became more frequent.”

The officers surrounded the home and called in two canine officers for backup. They opened the door — only to find a Roomba vacuum cleaner circulating the bathroom.

The house sitters weren’t aware that their nephew had a Roomba, so they had no way of knowing that was what was making noise in the bathroom. Although they were embarrassed, they were thankful police took the call seriously.

“One hundred percent, they had their guns out and the dogs out,” Sergeant Danny DiPietro explained to the Washington Post. “If we tell you we’re the police and you’re not responding and not coming out, we don’t know what we’re walking into. We don’t know if they’re armed or if they’re going to attack us.”

Sergeant DiPietro joked about the incident, which ultimately was a funny experience for everyone.

“In 13 years, this is my first Roomba burglar,” he joked, per OregonLive.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office found the incident so funny that it posted a detailed timeline of events on Facebook.

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