A 911 Dispatcher Was Able To Talk A Couple Through Delivering Their Baby In Their Own Bathtub

by Angela Andaloro

A 911 dispatcher was able to talk a couple through a nerve-wracking situation. Missy Piche answered a call at 8:34 am.

Calling 911 was a panicked Ryan Howell, whose wife, Devinne, was in labor.

Devinne had called Ryan to let him know she was in labor. He rushed home from work, but by the time those 20 minutes had passed, things had progressed considerably. The couple knew they wouldn’t have time to make it to the hospital before their baby arrived. Thankfully, Missy was there to coach them through.

“She (Devinne) was at first on the toilet and I say, ‘You got to go to the bathtub because we’re having this baby, and it’s not going to happen on the toilet.’ So I put her in the bathtub,” Ryan explained in footage provided by Fox 31.

“There wasn’t really time to think what’s wrong or what’s right. It’s just reaction.”

Missy had helped deliver a baby by phone before, so she knew what she was in for. “The body is an incredible thing. It’s going to do what it wants to do, no matter whether I tell them what to do or what not to do,” she explained.

The call lasted only three minutes before Nellie Maeve Howell was born, happy and healthy at home. Ryan looks forward to telling her all about how she came into the world. “She definitely has a long story she will hear every year on her birthday,” said Ryan. “We’re very, very thankful the call was not dropped. She was like a weird, ghostly figure. She really walked me through everything I needed to go through. It was incredible, to be honest.”

Footage provided by KDVR Denver.

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