90-Year-Old Woman Almost Forced Out Of Her Own Home Because Of Neighbor’s Complaints

by Paul Morris
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Back in the good old days, an elderly person could always count on their neighbors for help in case something went wrong.

People would leave their doors unlocked, and everyone in the neighborhood would either share a friendly wave or even invite their neighbors to a party every once in a while.

Those days are clearly far behind us and left behind in nothing but our memories, or so we thought. 90-year-old Marie Louise Sikorski has lived in the same house in Sarasota, FL. ever since her daughter was in the 6th grade. She’s gone through a lot there, good and bad, but never anything like this.

Over the years her house has gotten a bit run down, nothing horribly bad, but this widow simply didn’t have the funds to call someone nor did she have the energy to do it herself. And while you’d expect the neighbors to help her out, it turns out that one of them had the nerve to call in an official complaint to the city.

Soon enough, inspectors came and they told Marie Louise that she either had to fix her home or they’d kick her out. It seemed she was about to lose the home she loved so dearly.

Thankfully, at least one young neighbor saw what was happening and decided to help, instead of kick a woman while she was down. While not a professional carpenter by any means, he’s handy with a toolset! He started working on her house before time ran out and even set up a “GoFundMe” page, which has helped raise money so they can hire some professionals!

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