90-Year-Old Man Takes Out $3,000 But Doesn’t Know He’s Being Scammed By Fake Roofer Behind Him

by Amy Paige
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A 90-year-old man from Salt Lake, Utah was home alone when he heard a knock at the door. A younger man wearing a maroon T-shirt and a black baseball hat said he was passing by and noticed his roof had some major issues that needed to be fixed as quickly as possible.

The stranger said he was a roof repairman and offered to make the fixes that same afternoon.

Believing he and his home were in danger, the elderly man agreed to the repairs and drove the stranger to the bank so he could take out $3000 in cash. He even gave the stranger a ride back to his home out of the goodness of his heart.

But the truth was about to be revealed — that the man’s roof never needed any fixes, and no repairs had even been made.

Now, his heartbroken family is sharing their story so something like this doesn’t happen other trusting people… especially elderly individuals with kind and open hearts.

Footage provided by KSTU Salt Lake City

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