9-Year-Old Little Girl Ice Skates To ”Whip My Hair” By Willow Smith

by Paul Morris
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Little Starr Andrews has been ice skating since she was just three years old. She loved the beautiful shimmer of the shiny blades and the fresh feeling whenever she skated onto the ice; she loved the smell of the ice skating rink, but above all else she just loved to express herself to her favorite music while people watched her dancing on the ice alone.

Since then she has impressed people all over the world with her raw passion; from Ryan Seacrest to the over 27 million people who have viewed her video, this little girl certainly knows how to keep a crowd entertained! We would not be surprised if we saw Andrews showing off her skills on America’s Got Talent in a few years!

Andrews pulls off some impressive ice skating tricks, just like dancers who put flares on their skates, that would have us falling on the ground in seconds. When she does the impressive rotation spin starting at :38? Well we have to admit that we couldn’t even do that many spins on the ground without getting too dizzy let alone on the hard and slippery ice!

Not only is she talented on a technical level, but her ability to throw her full passion and love of the music into this video is what makes it really exciting to watch. We just know that this little girl is definitely going places, and we will not be surprised if we see her on the Olympic podium in a few years!

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