Tiny Colorado Town Makes Snowball Fights Illegal, So 9-Year-Old Boy Marches Down To City Hall

by Olivia Jakiel
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A 9-year-old boy made history in the small town of Severance, Colorado, after he successfully changed a law from the 1920s that banned snowball fights.

When Dane Best and his class took a field trip to the Severance Town Hall, they learned all about laws, ordinances, and how to change them. So when Dane heard that a law from almost 100 years ago “prohibits residents from throwing missiles at people, places or animals,” he knew he had to do something — mostly because those “missiles” included snowballs.

“I thought it was crazy,” Dane said. “Little kids should be allowed to throw snowballs at each other.”

So naturally, Dane came up with a plan. With the help of his parents and the mayor of Severance, the 9-year-old took the proper steps to change the ordinance, then gave a presentation to town leaders at Town Hall.

“Kids need a reason to play outside,” he said to the packed room of Severance residents. I’ve got to hand it to him — he’s completely right!

After a unanimous vote from the board of trustees, the language in the century-old ordinance was updated to exclude snowballs.

Mayor Don McLeod said, “You can make any change and it doesn’t require an age. Anybody can be involved in our democracy and anybody can make changes,” which is a good lesson for people of all ages looking for a change.

Dane and his little brother celebrated the victory by throwing a snowball outside of Town Hall.

Way to go, Dane! You’re an inspiration for both kids and adults across the country!

Footage provided by KDVR Denver

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